Canterbury Fresh Lamb was started with the desire to supply the best meat to customers in New Zealand and throughout the world.

As a result of our experience we now have a fully integrated lamb business. We do everything ourselves – procure, process, and sell. This means we have full control over everything we do. We start with the best animals and finish with the best meat on your plate. The only thing we can’t do is eat it for you!
  We ensure lambs procured have been well fed to provide the best meat quality. Every step of the production process is carefully monitored to ensure the highest export standard lamb is produced in our own plant.  
  Our procurement programme results in large, lean lambs - an average of 24 kg per lamb compared with an average of 17 kg elsewhere. And because we have a fully integrated business, we have full control over all processes. This means that we are not paying extra margins to suppliers and processors so we can provide the best lamb at the best value.  
  We have established this website as an easy point of contact, and our distribution system provides following day delivery for both the South and North Island.  

We have a dedicated business that can supply the best lamb to our customers. The effort we have put in is reflected in the product we offer. Give us a try, we promise you will not get better lamb anywhere else.

Yours sincerely

Tom Coughlan
Managing Director


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